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  • Mediterranean Sea


    The Mediterranean Sea is an inland sea. The climate in the Mediterranean Sea and the land surrounding it is mild. One of its main features is that there is almost no rain for half of the year.

    The Mediterranean Sea is among the regions of Türkiye that are developed in terms of tourism and infrastructure. Up to 35% of Türkiye’s accommodation capacity is located in this region, and especially on the Antalya coastline where one can find international hotels, resorts, hostels, and yacht marinas. Marine tourism is very well-developed here. There are numerous yacht marinas along the coast, new airports, land routes connecting all settlements along the coast, and countless places of interest for visitors.

    The Mediterranean region is preferred by many people who want to holiday in Türkiye. The region has beautiful resorts and hotels that meet and exceed all expectations. The hot springs of Termessos are worth visiting. At the Antalya Archaeological Museum, ancient artifacts await you. Along with boat tours, you can participate in daily tours and visit the unique bays and islands of the Mediterranean region. The turquoise waters of Kaputaş Beach will certainly mesmerize you. Cleopatra Beach, another favorite summer destination, is named after the famous Egyptian queen and features crystal-clear blue waters.

    The cities of Antalya and Mersin, which are located on the Mediterranean coastline, present an endless variety of sites of cultural heritage and natural beauty. The canyons, waterfalls, streams, mountains, and caves await outdoor sports enthusiasts.